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Succulent plants come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and textures. Please note, the product you purchase may vary from those pictured.

Trendy succulents are fun and easy to grow, which makes them perfect for dish gardens. Succulents can tolerate the dry air inside most homes and they’re happy with little more than a spot by a sunny window. Since these undemanding plants often have small root systems they make great accent pieces and can fit in a shallow dish, saucer, or other container. Succulents are seldom bothered by pests or diseases, but be sure to give them well-drained soil and water only when the soil feels dry, to prevent possible rot.

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Whiskey Barrel Succulent Garden, Vintage Tin Succulent Garden, Cement Turtle Succulent Planter, Cement Frog Succulent Planter, Cement Snail Succulent Planter, Clay Combo Garden Small, Clay Combo Garden Large, Circular Cement Succulent Planter, Succulent Clear Vase Arrangement, Snake Plant

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